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The Community Coalition of Stanwood-Camano, formerly known as Making Life Work, has been dedicated to building a stronger, more resilient community since 2017. Our team is comprised of passionate individuals from various organizations who share a common goal: creating a stronger Stanwood-Camano community.

We work together to identify needs, develop strategies, and implement programs that address the unique challenges faced by our community. We believe that by working together, we can create a brighter future for the Stanwood-Camano community. 

The Coalition hosts a Community Convening twice a year to gather input regarding the perceived needs of Stanwood-Camano community.


The Steering Committee meets monthly to identify those needs & request a workgroup from the partners.

The Partners meet bi-annually to share resources and to learn about the work being done, as well as potential workgroups.

Those workgroups convene on a regular basis to create an initiative of work to possibly solve that need.  

The community is provided an update quarterly and the Partners monthly.  

The Stanwood-Camano Area Foundation fiscally sponsors and facilitates meetings of The Coalition.



Original Steering Committee from 2017


The Community Coalition of Stanwood-Camano (CCSC) is a group of local organizations and individuals working together to cultivate a stronger Stanwood-Camano community.

Community Coalition of Stanwood-Camano
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