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Workgroup Notes from June 13




Meeting started on time

Two new partners

We reviewed the information that was gathered from the last brainstorming meeting.

This includes the processes for current Unhoused individuals, families to obtain resources and what those resources are.

We also defined what Unhoused means depending upon their current situation and the potential for being Unhoused.

Defined resources for Cars/Couch situations.

Wanted Resources: Safe Parking, Phone/Mail, Email Address

Education will be a key component going forward. This would be for public, officials, law enforcement, etc. We will need data and stories.

A Dream list was compiled: Affordable housing (which was defined), wrap around services, peer mentoring, mental health, and substance abuse services.

The attendees proposed an Unhoused Project: creating a building/space with address/mail service, a day center (cold/warm shelter), including a peer group, showers, navigators', phones/wifi.

We started discussing the "Unhoused Project" and the potential for backlash. The "if you build it they will come" came into the conversation as it is believed that if we provide services for the unhoused then it will bring more unhoused into our area. It was agreed that there is a potential but limiting services for only Stanwood/Camano deter that. But it would be difficult to get support for such a project.

It was agreed that the Unhoused system is broken and right now, lobbying is the only way to change it.

So if that is the case then what, if anything can this group accomplish in regard to the homeless population?

The people in the room discussed their different situations with navigating resources for the varying situations. Working vs. Unemployed, families, seniors, those with substance abuse issues, evictions, sex offenders, domestic violence, etc.

They are seeing a huge increase in the number of older adults becoming unhoused.

Discussion about the parking lot issues recently in regard to a car resident at the library. When this was brought to attention then other car residents started using it and it was also brought to the attention of law enforcement. This whole situation was documented in the newspaper and brought the issue to the forefront.


  • hidden in plain sight-McKinney/Vinto-150 students representing 92 families "Unhoused".

  • "Library man-many navigators involved

  • be community specific-stories

What we need are Practical Resources

*Safe Parking-with potty, qualifications, accountability, referral base

Families, women, seniors

(Faith Community-restrictions)

*Mail/Address services

*Liaison-will meet them where they are to make connections

*Increase embedded social workers

*everyone working together for the same goal-social workers, fire, law, city, county

It was decided to invite Interfaith and Family Promise to come share their programs and how they work. Also, City of Edmonds has a program that works-invite them to share.

Also, invite Amy Wheats, Social worker with police.

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